Travel Inspiration

Part of the reason I finally created this blog is my boyfriend nominated me for the Easyjet Holidays Travel Inspirations, have a look at his post. The idea is to inspire travel by encouraging bloggers to write about the 4W’s (us accountants shorten everything, explanation below) of their travel inspiration.

Who ~ Ewan McGregor

Ever since I watched the Long Way Round the first time I’ve been inspired to travel, watching and reading about the places he visited and the people he met made me want to visit the world. One day I’d like to do a similar trip myself, though I guess that would require learning to ride a motorbike. 🙂 I’m also going to have to mention my boyfriend as holding some of the blame in this one. While I’ve done a number of trips before knowing him, he’s definitely encouraged me to push my boundary’s. Within 6 months of knowing him, I visited India with him and I’m shortly to set off on my Travels to Latin America, a much bigger trip than any previous ones.

What ~ Charm Bracelet

Ever since I was little I’ve had a charm bracelet, it’s now got so many charms on it, that it’s virtually impossible to wear as I jingle all the time.

Whenever any of my family went anywhere exciting I got a new charm for my charm bracelet. I used to love hearing the stories of their travels when I got a new charm. When I look back at this charm, I’ll always remember the stories my grandparents have told me of when they lived and travelled in New Zealand.

My boyfriend has managed to re-ignite this tradition by buying my this awesome charm for my Xmas present, there are no stories to go with this one yet, but hopefully it will soon be associated with our trip to Latin America.

When ~ Trips to south of France

Our holidays to the south of France may seem a little tame now, but I remember feeling as if we were on a big adventure. My dad always used to like driving overnight, mainly because everyone slept instead of whinging. However often I stayed awake watching him driving for hours, enjoying seeing all the passing lights. We were generally going to visit my Grandparents; they would stay in a campsite in the south of France over the summer. One trip we arrived too early; it was the middle of the night and the campsite was shut. We had to sneak in and to try find my grandparents caravan. Thinking back now we probably weren’t very sneaky running through the campsite, but eventually we managed without getting caught. Since this, travelling to me is always about having new adventures, while these adventures are a bit further afield and more exciting for people to hear about, these trips to France have inspired my travels since.

Where ~ Trek America

Instead of taking a Gap year after university I went straight into work, however soon enough I decided that I wanted to do some travelling. Not having gained much experience of travelling, I decided the safest option was to throw myself into a van with a number of strangers and travel round the US with a company called Trek America for 2 months. This was an awesome trip, I met some great people and it made me realise how many preconceptions are completely untrue. I’m not saying that there aren’t some people who embody every preconception out there. But as I travelled through 26 states in 42 days, we met some great people and I learnt that america wasn’t all that I expected it to be. There are certain places I’ve developed a soft spot for an would definitely go back to, however first I’ve got lots more places to explore….


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