Favourite Trip Photos

One of my recent loves has been photography and I have recently taken this a step further with my boyfriend buying our first ‘proper’ camera. I may not yet know how to use it, but I’m hoping that this trip will be a good opportunity to develop this.

Here are some of my favourite photos from previous trips to give you a bit of a taster of what’s to come. For more of my photos of Home and Abroad, also see my Flickr photos.


Church & Flowers, France

Church in Provence

Hong Kong (March 2008)

Fishing Village, Hong Kong

America (Summer 2008)

Please don't smoke while canoeing


Monument Valley

India (February 2010)

Fishing Boat at Sundown

Chowpatty Beach at Sunset

Bucharest (January 2011)

Snowy Statue Bucharest

America (Easter 2011)

Mirror at Jack Daniels

Copenhagen (Sept 2011)

Church spire

Brussels (January 2012)



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