3 Countries in 2 Weeks

We’ve been travelling for 2 weeks now, we haven’t had much of a time for rest until we arrived at Placencia, where we are relaxing on the beach until Iain can dive the Blue Hole. So here’s a little catch up of our trip so far!

Cancun, Mexico

Our trip started well, with our first day in Cancun involving a trip to the Ritz Hotel. Having managed to get through to the beach via a public access point and swam for a while, we began to get thirsty so visited the bar at the hotel we were near.  The cocktails were expensive but delicious and we soon found out why, we had accidentally gone to the Ritz hotel. Since it was so nice we decided to spend the afternoon there swimming in the pool rather than going back into the sea.
Whilst in Cancun, we also visited the underwater museum, where Iain scuba dived and I swam (hindered unfortunately, not saved by the lifejacket i was forced to wear), however one of the guides got a starfish which he then stuck to my hand, a very weird feeling.
Tulum, Mexico
In Tulum, our next stop we found this gorgeous little hotel called the Secret Garden, in the evening we relaxed in the garden or drank sugar cane juice mojitos in a cool bar where the sugar cane was pressed in a VW Beetle.

Tulum Ruins

I’d recommend that anyone not used to the heat like us, doesn’t try to cycle through the town and then another 3.7km in the midday heat, an experience i’m not keen to repeat. We made the mistake of doing this the first afternoon in Tulum, to swim in the Grand Cenote and also the second morning when we visited the mayan ruins (right).
Belize City, Belize
I hope that for the rest of the trip we are as lucky as we were on this day. We had arrived in Belize City, the evening before only to struggle to find anything open to get food. Our main desire was to go Cave Tubing and  we’d been corresponding with a company but had failed to arrange a meet up point, so we sent an email postponing the tubing until we came back through Belize city.

The next morning we got up to go to the bus station with the intention of heading to the border with Guatemala. As we were walking, we saw this coach which was going Cave Tubing, so we asked if we could join. Not only did we get the trip for cheaper than we’d expected, but the trip was also to be filmed so we would be on Belizian TV. The cave tubing was great fun, nice and relaxing, though if you get the chance i wouldn’t recommend going at the end of the dry season, the water levels were almost too low and we occasionally got stuck on the bottom
Tikal, Guatemala
We also managed to continue our luck on our trip to Tikal, Guatemala, however this experience really emphasised the need to find somewhere to learn Spanish sooner rather than later. Having found a place to stay near Tikal we attempted to book ourselves on a bus going there the next morning. Despite our inability to speak Spanish, we managed to book something. I’ve found many people here talk faster and in greater detail to help us to understand, it really doesn’t!

Rickety steps

We got up at 5am the next morning to get the bus there (which was all we thought we’d paid for based on the price), however when we arrived we got a guided tour round Tikal. I’m rather glad of this, after having found out that a tourist managed to get lost there for 8 days! See Iain’s Post for more detail of the history of Tikal as well as some awesome photos. The thing that i found the scariest about Tikal was not the rumours of human sacrifices or the height of some of the temples, but the ricketty wooden steps that you had to climb to get to the top, my worry was that they probably didn’t replace any broken steps until someone fell, but luckily none of them broke under my weight.


Flores was a beautiful place to stay for our visit to Tikal and i don’t regret taking the recommendation to stay there, instead of where we had planned. Flores is a town in the middle of the lake which makes it a very good setting for photos, we took a number of which my favorites are on Flickr. This was our first time we sat and watched the sun set, though i’m sure this will be repeated a number of times.

Placencia, Belize

So we’ve been waiting in this pretty little town for over a week, unfortunately despite there being three trips to the Blue Hole planned they have all been cancelled for one reason or another. It’s clearly the low season, with the few tourists around seeming to be with university groups visiting the nearby jungle. This has meant we’ve spend our time largely chilling by the beach. The first day of which I turned bright red so have been confined to the shade since. We have rented Kayaks to explore the lagoon, but unfortunately failed to see a manatee. Luckily to break up the quiet, we enjoyed a few drinks and some dancing on Saturday night with a group of students from Florida.
Next Steps
On Friday we get the Boat to Honduras, to get to the Carnival at La Ceiba.

One thought on “3 Countries in 2 Weeks

  1. What a fantastic trip! 🙂 It sounds like you had the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation in spite of a few disappointments. 🙂

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