Some of the awesome and not so awesome stuff we’ve been doing in Honduras!

It's all Michael Palin's fault

I’ve been pretty grumpy a lot of the time in Honduras. It was a long journey by boat and bus to get to La Ceiba from Belize and there were a few attempts to rip me off on the way. The places we’ve stayed in have been pretty crap so I’ve been short of sleep. I’ve been eaten alive by mosquitos to the extent I had 52 bites on one leg in one night. It’s also rained a lot here during the so called ‘dry season’.

But that I can live with. The worst part has been Katrina getting really ill and having to be sedated while an only Spanish speaking doctor shoved an endoscope down her throat. Not fun for her but it wasn’t great for me to worry about either. To top that off, I’ve had my wallet stolen and had to bribe a policeman to get some…

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    • Yes we are now, we travelled overland and by boat from Cancun to Honduras via Belize and Guatemala, in a couple of days we’ll be moving on to southern Guatemala! The picture of the bus is from Honduras.

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