The good, the bad and the ugly

There are days when travelling, that can be like any other day…. utterly awful. I’ve had a few of those recently!

I got ill and was no longer able do an overnight hike on the Volcano El Hoyo in Nicaragua (see how fantastic this could have been if like Iain I’d managed to suffer through it – Fever Mountain). Luckily I still managed the volcano boarding, it’s quite and experience tobogganing on ash and didn’t feel anywhere near as dangerous as first made out to me, but that may have been because I kept my speed right down.

Or days when every single decision you make turns out to the be the wrong one, like the day we crossed the border to Costa Rica. No matter that I’ve spent two weeks learning Spanish, almost 50% of the time people talk to me I don’t even get the gist of what they are saying, this results in me not asking questions and often making assumptions that are very wrong.

Days like those just make me wanna go home.

However travelling can also be totally awesome! The variety of experiences and people you meet can totally make up for the bad days.


Katrina in a helmet…the ugly!

Today we went rafting on the River Balsa near La Fortuna in Costa Rica, these are grades 3 and 4 rapids, as soon as it was over despite being soaking wet and cold, I just wanted to go straight back to the top and start again! The exhilarating feeling of rafting is totally addictive and I know that sometime soon I’ll be paying for another rafting trip. I can’t decide if I missed out by not falling out of the raft, but since everyone in my raft stayed in through all the rapids, I’m going to say that this was totally skilful!

We’ve also been horseback riding, now I haven’t ridden a horse since I was very young, and the skill level involved in it was minimal, the horse generally did what the leader wanted it to with no direction from myself. This was also a totally exciting experience and definitely saved us walking to get a good view of the Volcano Conception on the Island Ometepe in Nicaragua. But not one I’m going to repeat immediately as I still feel a little sore on my arse.

One experience that combined both the good and the bad was surfing at Playa El Zonte in El Salvador. I took a surf lesson in the morning, having never been on a surf board in my life and had a great time. As you can see with my instructors help I even managed to stand up on the board some of the time. However the day was ruined by our practise in the afternoon. The beach is supposed to be fantastic for beginners but we were not warned about the section of rocks near where my lesson had been! This resulted in both Iain and I getting a little bruised and battered when we got caught in the rocks due to the tide.

So here’s hoping the good days left to come on my travels outnumber the bad ones!


7 thoughts on “The good, the bad and the ugly

  1. So sorry to hear you have been poorly,hope by now you are back to 110%. Nevertheless what an incredible journey you are having. loving the pics especially the surfing,water and ash so proffessional. Well done Iain very stoic of you.Take care of yourselves, Love Nan & Gramps.

  2. Ahhh how rubbish that you’ve not been very well, It always feels so much worse when you’re ill whilst travelling! Hope you’re feeling better and ready to carry on having a wonderful time! xx

    • Thanks, yep feeling alot better and now in panama city for my birthday. Look forward to my next post on the many ways to celebrate your birthday while travelling!

      • I came across you blog via Linkedin. I was wondering when you were back, as I have a position as a Project Accountant that I thought you may be interested in. However that is somethiing you should definitely not be thinking about whilst on an amazing trip. I appareicte your response. Enjoy the rest of your trip! .

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