Capture the Colour

So my boyfriend nominated me to enter the ‘Capture the Colour‘ Competition with Travel Supermarket in his entry, since we’re a little competitive when it comes to our photos I thought I’d give it a shot. Several of these photos are featured in my post ‘Favourite trip photos‘ and on Flickr.

White – Vernal Falls, Yosemite, USA


This photo was one of my favourite photos taken during my Travels in America in 2008. I traveled for 46 days, seeing 26 states and seeing more of the states than many Americans I met. This photo was taken in Yosemite National Park where we had the option of the strenuous Full Day hike to the Half Dome. Fortunately for me, I decided not to complete this hike and instead got to spend the day swimming near these gorgeous waterfalls!

Green – Wollaton Park, Nottingham, UK

Never-ending path

Though I live in the UK, there’s many places there that I’ve never visited before, one such example was Nottingham, the city my boyfriend went to university in. Having heard so many stories of this place, I just had to go visit, so as a treat one weekend, we went to Nottingham and stayed in a nice hotel. Whilst sightseeing at Wollaton Park, I saw this path and had to get a picture, I just love the way it seems to go on forever.

Red – Union Square, San Francisco, USA

Heart in Union Square

These giant heart sculptures, start identical and are all painted by various local artists as part of an annual public art exhibition to raise funds for supporting life-enhancing programs at San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center. This heart was located in Union Square in Summer 2008. The hearts are either located in various public spaces in San Francisco or auctioned off to raise money for the charity.

Yellow – Chowpatty Beach, Mumbai, India

Chowpatty Beach at Sunset

On my last night in India, we visited Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai. This is a place where locals and tourists alike visit to enjoy the evening, there are families gathering, food being cooked, children being pushed around on (formally electric) toy vehicles, a ferris wheel being operated by men jumping on it. If you go to Mumbai, this is a place that cannot be missed, hopefully my picture captures the atmosphere of the beach.

Blue – Mitsubishi Car, Antigua, Guatemala


I saw this car in the streets of Antigua, but unfortunately I had left our apartment without a camera of any sorts, very unlike me. Luckily for me a few days later I saw the car again. The photo reminds me that when I settle down from travelling I want to own a car like this.

As part of the competition, I have to nominate 5 others to join in. So here goes…

Miriam at Surf Salt Sand

Rory at The Light Wheel

Annie at Anne Sandwich

Annie at International Sheanniegans

Shannon at Wanderlust on a Budget


3 thoughts on “Capture the Colour

  1. Thanks for the nomination – that’s so lovely! UnfortunatleyI didn’t even know about the link to TLW – only just found this post! Good luck – I hope you take the cake! Happy travels! x

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