Central America highlights

So I know it’s been a while since we left Central America but I wanted to put together some of my favourite photos of the trip so far.



Tulum was a fantastic place to spend a few days, gorgeous ruins by the beach in the blazing sun. Unfortunately the heat made it difficult for cycling, one of the suggested ways of getting around. This lizard had the right idea bathing in the sun by the gorgeous blue sea.



Placencia was a lazy little town in Belize, where we had the most amazing tamarind pork burrito, and spent most of our days chilling at the beach reading, swimming and enjoying the sun. We were waiting here for Iain to be able to dive the Blue Hole, but luck wasn’t with us and the trip got cancelled three times. Lucky for me, now I’ve learnt to dive I should be able to join the trip when we come back in the future.



Honduras had it’s ups and lows. I spent a week feeling ill followed by a trip to the hospital and a carnival where Iain’s wallet was nicked. But several days recuperating in the awesome D&D brewery made up for it. Nearby is the breathtaking Pulhapanzak Waterfall, where you can climb right underneath and dive into the pools.



We spent two weeks in Antigua learning Spanish to prepare us for the rest of the trip. This gorgeous city known for it’s Spanish schools, pretty old town and the nearby volcanoes means it’s a must for many travellers. The best view over the city was from the Cerro de la Cruz, I’m sure you’ll all agree.


El Salvador

I’ve had to steal Iain’s photo for this, this was towards the end of my first ever surf lesson. It was so thrilling being able to stand up, however I wasn’t as successful during my solo practise after the lesson.



One of my favourite places in Nicaragua was Isla Ometepe, an Island in lake Nicaragua formed by two stunning volcanoes. It’s a shame the state of some of the ferry’s to get there –  ours continuously let in water. But once you get there it’s a beautiful place to explore, especially on horseback, as we did. This picture was taken at sunset on our first night there!


Costa Rica

Yet another photo I’ve had to steal from Iain, mainly because this one just can’t be beaten. We went to Tortugera mainly to see turtles, this was a bit of a disappointment, however the wildlife tour by boat which we did there was definitely not disappointing. Iain turned into Attenborough and took tons of fantastic photos, where as I just got distracted by the animals!



My main excuse during panama was we’ve gotta do this because it’s a  birthday present. I got to stay in a safari style tent in Bocas del Torro, scuba dive in Coiba National Park and stay in the Trump Hotel in Panama City. Panama city was gorgeous whether from the penthouse of the Trump hotel or from the old town as in this photo, definitely a place of contrasts!



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