About Me

I was one of those weird kids that from quite an early age knew what they wanted to do when they grew up. Bizarrely this desire was not to be a doctor or pilot or any other exciting profession but to be an accountant, which to the masses automatically classes you as having no personality (hopefully through the course of this blog I will disprove this). Achieving this desire involved work experience, a summer placement, a Degree in Accounting & Economics and finally getting a job (or 2) which would enable me to gain the experience and sit the exams needed to qualify. Here I am now many years and exams later, a newly qualified Accountant.

Now instead of reaping the benefits of being a qualified accountant, through a better paid job and more responsibility, I have decided to go travelling to Latin America. You may be wondering why I’ve started this blog, being an accountant words aren’t exactly my forte. When I was travelling around the states, I kept a journal which is now bursting at the seams with various things I picked up along the way; I’ve often referred back to this when I’m feeling sentimental. I’m hoping to take this a step further with this blog, to enable family and friends to keep up with my trip as well as to build on my skills in expressing myself, a key skill for an accountant. I’ve been debating exactly whether this is a good idea or a bad idea for a number of weeks and my boyfriend has finally given me the motivation to just start this, by nominating me to write my Travel Inspirations for EasyJet Holidays (post to follow).

Travelling for me is about trying new things, I’m aiming to learn to Scuba Dive (one of my life ambitions), learn Spanish (to at least basic conversational level) and to hopefully do some volunteering (possibly teaching English as this is something that will really challenge me). I’ve never been a big traveller, as I grew up my family holidays were largely to Greece and France, with the one slightly more adventurous trip which ended up with my brother in hospital with food poisoning.

Since university this has changed a bit, a trip to the states where I visited 24 states in 42 days, seeing more of the states than many of the Americans I met on the trip. My country count is a lot smaller than my boyfriend’s whose worldly travels have taken him to 50+ countries. I’m currently at 19 but my travels around Latin America should take this up to 30+. My trip will start in Cancun at the beginning of May; our aim so far is to travel through Belize to the Bay Islands of Honduras where I can learn to Scuba Dive. Following that the plan becomes a little less clear, only to travel through Central America and through the western parts of South America.


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